Purple Tulip Catering

Purple Tulip is a chef driven catering company that brings you unique and bold flavors form an award winning chef and a dynamic culinary team.

Catering to a global palate using their inspiration from travel across the globe, our culinary team brings to you trendy upscale cuisine with rich influences from various robust cuisines. We re-imagine comfort food and as well as Indian cuisine in a creative and fun way.

Whether you are looking to host an intimate dinner with family or celebrating an event with your friends. Purple Tulip can cater to all your needs with delectable offerings that will leave your guests dazzled.

When it comes to Indian Cuisine, we have a very unique take on food from across the Indian subcontinent with balanced and refined flavors, amazing presentation and interpretation that will leave your guests wowed.

Our updated website coming soon. In the interim, please visit our Instagram page.